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Awareness - Preparedness - Resiliency


11 SEPTEMBER 2018 - Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement: “Seventeen years ago, we awoke to a typical Tuesday. There was a quiet across the nation, in a less complicated world, and a less complicated time. “By the end of the day, all that would change. “The events of September 11, 2001 are still clear in my mind, as they are for…
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INDUSTRIAL OPIOID DISASTER – Vermont Sues Purdue Pharma For Its Opioids Marketing Practices

G Alleges Deceptive and Unfair Acts and Public Nuisance.  Vermont Attorney General Donovan announced that today his office filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma. The lawsuit alleges violations of the Vermont Consumer Protection Act and public nuisance law concerning Purdue’s marketing and promotion of opioids. Purdue is the manufacturer of Oxycontin. “The State of Vermont has been hit hard by the opioid…
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Londonderry EMS Volunteers Receive Mental Health Support After 5 Deaths In Community

via VPR - Londonderry, VT: Vermont’s first responders can face life-and-death situations any time they show up at a scene. But this week the Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad dealt with five fatalities, and now support is being provided to these volunteers that serve this community. The five fatalities in the community occurred in just a three-day span. Last Friday the rescue squad Share More: ;mc_eid=f9d830f457#stream/0
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