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President Trump Participates in a Customs and Border Patrol National Targeting Center Roundtable

Responsible Immigration Reform Will Secure Our Borders. For decades, open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities. They’ve allowed millions of low-wage workers to…
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FLU – Deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) is above the system-specific epidemic threshold in the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) Mortality Surveillance System.

Atlanta, GA: Based on National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) mortality surveillance data available on January 25, 2018, of the deaths occurring during the week ending January 6, 2018 (week 1)…
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Vermont is at considerable risk to the threat of a radiological or nuclear device being transported through, or utilized, within the State

VT STRONG - PREVENTATIVE RADIOLOGICAL/NUCLEAR DETECTION PROGRAM Waterbury, Vermont: The State of Vermont has several initiatives to build and sustain preparedness to prepare for, prevent, protect, respond to, recover from…
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