VT Strong News VTStrong.com – Montpelier, VT: Governor Phil Scott reports.

Ten years ago today, Tropical Storm Irene struck Vermont. This is a somber anniversary as we reflect on the damage done, lost homes, and worst of all, the seven people who died during and in the immediate aftermath of the storm. At the same time, we all saw that Irene brought out the best in Vermonters, with countless acts of courage and kindness shown to friends, neighbors, and strangers. What’s more, politics took a back seat to progress and after ten years of hard work, Vermont is stronger than we were before. During the storm, Search and Rescue teams performed over 150 rescues from floodwaters; local responders also helped those in danger; private contractors as well as State crews were on the ground making roads passable as soon as floodwaters subsided, and the list goes on – this was an all-hands-on-deck response. It was done the Vermont way.