Governor Phil Scott reports 6.05.2020.

As many of you already heard, we’re now considering the situation in Winooski an “outbreak” with a few dozen cases of COVID-19 over the last week. Our epidemiology team has been on top of this situation, using our enhanced tracing and testing to keep this contained.

I know this will worry some Vermonters, but the important thing to understand is this is EXACTLY what we’ve been preparing for over the last several weeks.

Stay Home/Stay Safe was not only about slowing spread and saving lives, it also allowed us to build up our testing and tracing capacity, so we have new and better tools to deal with this virus. Having them means we don’t have to take the same measures we did in March and April.

The fact is, because of these tools, we can and are boxing in this outbreak, which means what wouldn’t have been possible two months ago, is a reality today. So, in close consultation with our epidemiology team, we feel it’s still safe to continue slowly turning the spigot.

I again want to assure you that experts at the Department of Health are comfortable moving forward with methodical reopenings, because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be doing it.

The fact is, outbreaks are going to continue, but that’s exactly why we’ve built up our capacity to box them in, so we can restart our economy, while also keeping people safe.

We’ll continue to work our way through this, and learn from it, so that we can further strengthen our response — which is exactly what we need to do — to bridge the gap to a time when there’s a vaccine.