Norwich University’s Center for Global Resilience and Security hosts Resilient Vermont Network’s Second Conference, Supported by the High Meadows Fund.

NORTHFIELD, Vt. – The Resilient Vermont Network, coordinated by the Norwich University Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS), will host the 2019 Resilient Vermont Conference at Norwich University, on June 7-8, funded by a $9,000 grant from the High Meadows Fund.

This interactive event brings together Vermont leaders, community members, planners, agencies, municipal officials, nonprofits, funders, and others for two full days of inspiring talks, deep discussions, sharing success stories and new tools to build more resilient land, water, energy, people, and communities.

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Friday is geared toward professionals, with an emphasis on defining the challenges and promising statewide approaches, emerging tools and strategies, case studies of what’s working on the ground, and a “hazard hackathon”—a chance to put heads together and create solutions on the spot.

Saturday is “Community Day,” geared toward community organizers and local resilience groups. Activities include “The Extreme Event Game,” an inspiring role-playing simulation in addition to practical sessions on leadership development, project funding, and community outreach. Community Day also includes a resilience fair and resilient-youth keynote and performance.

The Center for Global Resilience and Security is a Norwich University research center of excellence dedicated to the advancement of the interrelationships between human resilience and sense of security in the face of global challenges. CGRS is focused on challenges in the areas of climate change, water, energy, and infrastructure and their impact on resilience and security. CGRS crafts creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions for building resilient communities, through inter-disciplinary research and design collaboration. The center is directed by Tara Kulkarni, associate professor in Norwich University’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction Management.

Upon inception in March 2017, CGRS took over the role of coordinating the Resilient Vermont Network, organized in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene and the devastating effects the storm had on Vermont communities. Research shows that networks thrive on sustained coordination, which CGRS is committed to providing (see full report here). Network members can share responsibility for advocacy, research and education to ensure Vermonters are well informed and aware of vulnerabilities but are also empowered to take action. This conference is an opportunity to help the network grow and thrive with CGRS support, while achieving statewide resilience goals.


The High Meadows Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation invests time and money to promote long-term economic vitality and healthy ecological systems in Vermont. Visit highmeadowsfund.org for more information, and find us on Twitter @HighMeadowsFund.

HISTORY: In 2018, members and advisors of the Resilient Vermont Network launched a process to re-imagine and reshape the organization. The network first formed experimentally in 2015 under the direction of the Institute for Sustainable Communities. Now under the leadership of the Center for Global Resilience and Security at Norwich University, the network is ready to embark on a new phase of coordinating and supporting resilience work in Vermont.


Vermonters collaborate to build a state and communities that can bounce forward from climate change impacts and a range of hazards, while actively preparing for a changing world.


Working together to make Vermont and Vermonters stronger, healthier, and more secure in the face of climate change and other hazards.


“Vermont Stronger”

Vermont Stronger

The “Vermont Stronger” tagline was developed for the 2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP) planning process, with permission of the original “Vermont Strong” license plate designers. The planning subcommittee and SHMP leaders agreed that adopting the tagline for Resilient Vermont would be a powerful way to link the two processes, as well as a provide a recognizable phrase for the general public. The committee recommends testing the tagline over the next year to see how it resonates.


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