Vermont – Public Safety officials in Vermont and New York want to remind residents and tourists of the potential DANGERS that will exist this holiday weekend.

1) Natural swimming holes will continue to exhibit high flows and DANGEROUS currents. These
recreational spots should be closely monitored or avoided all together.
2) If still interested in venturing onto any of the North Country’s waterways
(swimming, fishing, kayaking or canoeing) and swimming holes, please closely
monitor conditions and if it looks “threatening or questionable”, please AVOID
altogether. “When in Doubt…Don’t Go Out”.
3) Don’t swim alone!!! Bring someone with you and a rope. Call first
responders if someone gets in trouble and try to assist with a rope from shore.
4) WEAR Personal Flotation Devices for added protection.
5) Observe your surroundings and don’t take any unnecessary chances. Swimming in natural water
bodies requires good judgment. Be realistic about your swimming abilities.
6) Beware of slippery rocks. Don’t swim above or under waterfalls.
Lastly, although not a waterway…hiking trails, especially in the mountains will be muddy and very
treacherous for the next few days. Please exercise caution.
ALWAYS…Before and during ANY outdoor activity, please monitor the latest weather forecasts.